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Karen A. Williams, MD
Karen A. Williams, MD
Shelby Scordo, PA-C
Shelby Scordo, PA-C
Eileen Kraeger, PA-C
Eileen Kraeger, PA-C
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 The providers and staff at Complete Family Care & Laser Center offer a variety of primary care as well as ancillary services.   As a small, independent office we strive to provide personalized care for our patients in all aspects of their relationship with us.  We take pride in getting to know each of our patients individually as we believe that successful healthcare comes when you know and trust your providers. 
As a Family Practitioner, Dr. Williams is trained and experienced in preventive medicine as well as disease management and supervises both Eileen and Shelby in all aspects of care.  From well baby visits to well woman exams and preventive health assessments for patients of all ages our providers will ensure that you receive any screening tests or immunizations recommended to keep you healthy.  In the event that you do have a chronic medical condition they will treat you in the office.   Should you require care beyond the scope of their experience the office staff will facilitate and coordinate any referrals to specialty offices.  Additionally, space in blocked in all of the providers’ schedules daily to meet the acute care needs of our patients.  We make every efforts to see our patients when they have acute illnesses because this continuity in care enables us to know and understand your health care needs better. 
While this is most certainly not a comprehensive list, here are some examples of the things our providers do and see on a daily basis:

Preventive Health Services:
Well Baby Visits
Sports Physicals
Well Woman Exams
            Pap Smear
            HPV and STD Screening
            Clinical Breast Exams
Preventive Health Visits (aka annual physicals)
Routine Immunizations for children and adults
Annual Flu clinics
Coordinating routine screening:
            Bone Density testing
Contraceptive Management
            Birth control pills
            IUD insertion and removal
Chronic Disease Management:
High Blood Pressure                            Anxiety
High Cholesterol                                  Depression
Diabetes                                              Allergies
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome              ADHD
Migraine Headaches                            Sleep Disorders
Asthma                                               Thyroid Disease
COPD                                                 Arthritis
Treatment of Acute Complaints:
Sinus Infections                               Allergies
Ear Infection                                    Cough/Cold
Rashes                                            Nausea/Vomiting
Abdominal Pain                               Irregular Menstrual Cycles
Headaches                                       Fatigue
Urinary Tract Infections                   Bronchitis
Constipation                                     Vertigo/Dizziness
Palpitations                                      Sprains and Strains


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